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was suspecte●d as the mu

rderer—still I had no feeling of▓ any sort about the matter.I● might have been a log of wood. My lawyer ha▓d presented himself one day and volunteered ●

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his services.I had accepted them withou●t even inquiring his name. “Don’t you ●remember me” he asked. I looked at his▓ face but could not recall having seen it ▓


before. “My name is Epstein,” he sa●id.“We went to school together.” ▓ “Oh, yes; I remember,” I repl▓ied. Regularly each day he cam


e and repo●rted the progress of affairs. “They are b●uilding up a strong case against● you,” he said.“Our only h●ope lies in an alibi.” “What is tha●t” I inquired dully. He exp▓lained; and continued, “Of course the prosecut?/p>

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坕on won’t tell me what tack they mean to p▓ursue, but from several little● things that have leaked out I infer that▓ they have a pretty strong c▓ase.Now, at what hour did you leave Mi▓ss Pathzuol that ni

ght” “At about midnigh●t.” “And went directly home” ▓ “Directly home.” “After ent▓ering your house did you meet any of the▓ other occupants any of your fellow-lod●gers” “I don’t re